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Agent Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our agents and agencies have had to say about us!

Sonny G.

Without The Brokerage Inc, my agency wouldn’t be where it is today. When I joined TBI back in August of 2018, I only had 6 agents in my hierarchy. Thanks to the whole team at TBI, I have been able to duplicate their systems and we now, one year later, have 80 agents. If you’re thinking about working with TBI, call me and I will further explain why I chose them over 8 other National FMO/NMO’s. 248-330-5102

Wes A.

I appreciate all the opportunities afforded me this year from The Brokerage: the lead program, the HEB’s, WalMart, Ridgmar and the physician programs, among others. And thanks again for you and your team sponsoring another excellent meeting in Grapevine. I know a lot of work, time and money goes into making for an excellent and informative workshop.

Sean R.

I have worked with The Brokerage for several years, and they are the crown of DFW for Insurance Brokerages. They take the extra time to train their agents in the specific areas that they work. From newborns to seniors, they can find the right agent and plan for your needs.

Laura V.

The Brokerage has a group with a great attitude and super work ethic. They are always so positive and see the brighter side. I don’t think I have ever received average or, God forbid, below average service from your organization. The entire staff is appreciated, a very cohesive team always responding with timely and suitable resolutions.

Teri C.

All of you are awesome! I cannot imagine building this business without The Brokerage!

Bill H.

I have used The Brokerage for several years, and they are a professional and ethical organization. I am not a big producer, but I have always been treated with great respect and treated, in my opinion, as if I were one. They answer phone calls promptly and go out of their way to help.

Jose G.

I think most importantly, the credit rests upline with our FMO with as an example to follow in its rigor, discipline and tirelessness. This excellence shines in every event, every webinar, every conference and every interaction with a member of TBI. TBI is not only a great partner to have, but also a great mentor and leadership to follow.

Tricia S.

I started working with The Brokerage Inc. when I first became licensed. Everything I learned about insurance, I learned from The Brokerage and their very competent staff. Today, I’m a pretty strong producer, and nothing could move me away. They offer everything an agent needs, and I consider them my partners in success.

Roshun H.

The Call Center is an excellent concept which is taking my business to another level. Since partnering with The Brokerage, I have seen tremendous growth in my insurance sales and I have someone to see everyday! To top it all off, there is a team of friendly, helpful support staff to answer any questions that I have asked. I appreciate your service and support!

Cecelia R.

You helped me fulfill my dream job! When I worked for Aetna, I always told myself that my dream job is to become a broker, but I didn’t know where to start. Now, I am at The Brokerage living my dream, and for that I owe it to you! Thank you!

Kimberly R.

This is just one small example of what great training can do and how it can make a difference in our lives as agents – and we get to pass that on to our clients. I recently attended the roadshow that The Brokerage hosted and was given an in-depth review of several options to cross-sell. The Brokerage team did an excellent job in presenting the information and reminding us to look past just selling Medicare. The very next day, I was able to assist a client whose husband had just passed away and needed medical coverage for an overseas trip. She was very grateful, and I know I now have a client for life!

Ted F.

I have been in the insurance business for 50 years and have seen many “fly by night” brokerage firms. The Brokerage is NOT one of them. Their team is always willing to help you in any situation, and their leadership reflect honesty and integrity.

Frank R.

You guys are the greatest. Would put all my business through The Brokerage if you repped all the companies. Every single person on your staff that I have dealt with is a pro with a super attitude! Give ’em all a hug for me.

Larry P.

I wanted to say Thank You for the kindness and concern from your customer service team. They are truly a value and a great blessing. Keep up the good work.

Daniel R.

Simply Quote and Simply Enroll has been a lifesaver when out in the field. I use it to enroll clients so that they can get their Welcome Kit and member ID card faster than by fax. Inputting the information is faster and easier than filling out a paper application, and it keeps me doing what I should be doing – closing and moving onto the next appointment.